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Participants Vote at the 2011 People's Debt Tribunal: Emma BoydJubilee Scotland is proud to be a member-based organisation, consisting of faith groups, charities, unions and dozens of other organisations who share our central vision of a world without debt slavery, and without whom we would be able to achieve nothing. If your organisation is committed to our goals, please consider becoming a member of the Jubilee Scotland coalition.


Geneva 2003: Jubilee Cyclists Jubilee Scotland is committed to the global justice movement, and to a world without grotesque inequalities of wealth and freedom.

The billions of dollar loans embezzled by Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, the prospect of South Sudan being born into debt, and even the debt-driven cuts here in the UK, continue to hammer home the point that unfair and unjust debts remain a massive obstruction to the justice movement.

Tackling these debts is a huge – sometimes overwhelming project – but we’re not alone. Around the world we work on an equal footing with scores of over Jubilee organisations – in rich and poor countries – who work for the cancellation of debts, as well striving to ensure that - once debt is cancelled - the money released goes to the essential public services that country needs.