Stop Vulture Funds around the world!

Stop the vuture cultureBritain has made a bold stand by banning vulture funds – the insidious hedge funds who buy up bad debt and drag developing countries through the courts until they pay it back. But now we need to go further by trying to get other countries to do the same! There is currently an Early Day Motion (no 666) in Parliament calling for this to happen, so we need as many MPs as possible to sign. Can you write to your MP asking them to sign the motion? 

Africa, Debt and Tax

Sunday 13 April


Duns Parish Church

Church Square, Duns, Scottish Borders TD11 3DD


An afternoon with Christian Aid, Jubilee Scotland and the Church of Scotland World Mission Council to look at how tax and debt continue to affect Africa in a relaxed atmosphere over tea and coffee.

All Welcome!


Scotland: A nation of Debt Justice

Jubilee Scotland campaigns for global debt justice.

the fight for debt justiceWe do this by engaging people across Scotland to take action on these issues, and through these activists we persuade decision-makers to fight for debt justice too.

Our Debt Justice Pledge is a way for individuals and organisations to show their support for and end to unfair and unpayable debt, and a change in unjust global economic systems.

Please sign the debt justice pledge, and encourage others to do the same. If you're part of a group or organisation then ask them to sign up as well - unions, churches, student societies, local councils, schools, football teams, co-operatives, choirs - all are welcome!